Mmmm…Shamrock Shake


Have some green beer, and then be not at all ashamed about feeling slightly smug about this:,0,1061701.story

Bad taste to sort of enjoy the break up of a family? Maybe. But during the election, Palin’s party sugar coated the crap out of this relationship, and shoved this pill down our throat as a shining example of why its OK for young people to have sex and not use condoms and get pregnant, so long as they promise to get married (and smile really big!!!)

Apparently the gloss wore off of even this high profile relationship, and turns out the teen marraige idea is not completely fool-proof. Even with the pressure of the entire Republican party breathing down your neck, pinning on you all their hopes about marraige-based religious principles as a second line regimen to treat the failure of abstinence only sex education. ‘Please please please let this work’, they prayed. Now I am all for family-centric values, but this was never going to work because NEWSFLASH – sex and love are completely different things.

Plus… Levi is 18 and super hot and now semi-famous. Probably he sees plenty of lovely ladies throwing themselves at him on the daily, then he sees his plain jane girlfriend and their screaming, pooping two-month-old baby at home and… well, he is only human.

Is it just me, or are the Palins the best reality show ever?


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