Application AR-451-52-29

Listening to: R.E.M. – Green (the entire album on repeat)

Working on: A job application.

Amused by: The monitoring information section. In plain English and anonymised for an HR department somewhere: I am an Atheist Lesbian with no disabilities of White Other ethnicity, with no criminal convictions. Just doing my part to diversify the application pool.

Pleasantly surprised/unexpectedly moved to tears by:

Plans for tonight: Move to Iowa! Watch MSU play in the NCAA Basketball Final tonight/this morning. 2-4am if I can stand it.

Annoyed by: The IT Department holding my new laptop hostage for encryption, and then acting like they dont know where it is or it’s status when I called a minute ago. Conclusion: IT people get paid way too much for doing sweet fanny adams.

Now……. going home and finishing my application via laptop in the garden. Its only 12 degrees out but its sunny! For England, thats reason enough for a sleevless top and a glass of wine in a lawnchair.


About mamadeux

Just another lesbian trying to get pregnant!
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