Beginning of TTC

This is my first post about trying to conceive, or TTC as known in the blogging world. I plan to use this blog to chronicle our attempts to conceive our first baby. This is a very exciting phase in our lives and we are jumping in feet first holding our breath and trying to stay calm in a floating on our back sort of way.

I will do a quick introduction to the main characters:

Myself: a 30 year old American who has lived in England for seven years, having followed my now-wife for the relationship and an adventure. I work as a scientist for a governmental organisation doing my PhD part-time.  I enjoy gardening, Diet Coke, running, camping, travelling, cooking, watching trashy TV, and my job.

Lou: My wife, a 29 year old British woman whose parents hail from Scotland. Lou works in law enforcement, and is 6 feet tall. She is the youngest of three girls: her parents live by the seaside, one sister in the states, and the other in her home town. She enjoys swimming, being by the seaside, eating out, music, and sleeping.

Bdog: our furbaby. Bailey enjoys chasing squirrels, chewing bones, visitors (any), going on walks, and most of all, her tennis ball.

We have been together for 8 years, having met in America, and have been married almost one year.

Our plan is to go straight to IVF, hopefully through the NHS. We plan to use an anonymous sperm donor. We hope to do the first cycle of IVF in September/October.

So that’s that. Here we go!


About mamadeux

Just another lesbian trying to get pregnant!
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One Response to Beginning of TTC

  1. Mrs. Wuestewald says:

    Best of luck! Have fun…

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