Week 4… 5… 6…

The day after our positive test on the 15th, Lou’s symptoms almost completely disappeared. Before, she had painful period type cramps, lots of bloating, and sore boobs. Afterwards, she felt “a bit tired” and had the odd twinge/cramp in her abdomen. My brain knew that some women don’t have any symptoms in early pregnancy, and that most early symptoms would be side effects from the hormone supplements. But as the days went on, we both wanted some reassurance. It all felt too surreal. So 1 week after our positive test, Lou bought a Clear Blue digital test. We were having a delayed Thanksgiving dinner at our house, due to kitchen renovation, so while the turkey was cooking we ran upstairs and Lou did her business while I waited in the far corner of the bedroom. By the time she got to the bedroom door, she had a massive grin on her face – “3+ weeks” popped up on the screen straight away! We were officially 3 weeks 1 day post-conception so it was right on time.

We were on cloud 9 after that, and her symptoms increased. She got cramps, especially when I put a cold hand on her belly! She also had loss of appetite – unheard of for Lou!!! She was hungry but could only get down half a sandwich before feeling full up.

But our excitement was short-lived. On February 27th at 5 weeks 4 days, Lou did a wee, looked down and saw “a lot” of bright red blood in the pan. Panic ensued. I got the call while driving home from work. Lou was in an absolute state, trying to ring our fertility clinic emergency number – it wasn’t connecting! When I got home I called the Early Pregnancy Unit who booked us in for a 10am scan and bloods the next morning. Lou’s mum was visiting, so we went downstairs and told her because it would have been impossible to hide. I can’t imagine how she must have felt to hear such good news, and at the same time know it might be taken away. She was a very calming presence though. Lou’s bleeding had stopped by the next trip to the toilet 30 minutes later.  It was a good sign, but we were very worried about the red blood. What could have caused it???

After a restless night, we went to our scan and we held our breath while found a gestational sac measuring 11.7mm –  the perfect size for 5 wks. No bleeds or fluids. A “possible” yolk sac. No fetal pole.  The nurse said it was too early to see the yolk sac or fetus, and she was happy that that she saw the gestational sac , the bleed had stopped, and Lou wasn’t having pain. She put it down to either an implantation bleed or a burst vessel in the cervix/vagina. We left feeling very optimistic, and Lou happy not to get jabbed!

We then called our IVF clinic. The nurse was still concerned and wanted to do HCG bloods after all.  So Lou & her mum went to the clinic had her bloods taken. We had another wait – til the next morning – for the results. This process is just a load of waiting, waiting, waiting…. Good news the next day though, HCG was 15,000. They wanted it above 3,240.

Finally, we can breathe again! Everything seems to be OK for now. But it was a reality check to us both, everything is so fragile right now, we want to do as much as we can to protect our little one! But Lou was told to go about her business as usual, no bed rest or anything.

The silver lining, was that we got a very early ultrasound and we saw 1 sac growing away at the right pace! We were both a little nervous to get twins & all the risks that goes with them on our first go, so are quite happy to have one bun in the oven!

It’s been a week since the bleed drama, and Lou hasn’t had any more bleeding. She had a day full of nausea yesterday and came home from work early, but has been feeling relatively good today! Few waves of nausea, but nothing like Kate Middleton must have been feeling a couple months ago!


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