Week 7: A story of nausea, hunger, and exhaustion

I won’t be the first or last to say it, but morning sickness is really inaccurately named. Morning, afternoon, evening… whatever. But the sickness part is pretty spot on. Lou has had nausea every day since about 6.5 weeks. Some days are worse than others, but it seems to be brought on by hunger, and light headedness/dizziness. And sometimes when she eats, she has to stop mid-way to try not to puke. But she is hungry all the time… ravenous really. So imagine that sort of life. Nauseous when hungry, hungry all the time, and nauseous when eating. But not so nauseous directly after eating… so she’s got that going for her… which is nice. 

And the tiredness pervading every moment of every day. Lou texted me today to say she took a half hour nap…. while at work…. sitting in her chair… with her mouth open. 

As for me, I ran 16 miles yesterday, did the grocery shopping, made dinner, and today did laundry, dishes, hoovered, and generally tried to keep us alive. I am actually loving it. 🙂


About mamadeux

Just another lesbian trying to get pregnant!
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