The First (Official) Scan

Today was scan day!

I was so nervous last night I couldn’t get to sleep until 2am. I am not sure why, because actually I felt really positive because of all the symptoms Lou has. Maybe it’s associative fear from last time we went to clinic – for our pregnancy test. Pavlovian response? Woof!

We arrived a little late due to traffic, so sat in the waiting room for a while. It was very busy, and I found myself trying to guess what stage the other patients were at. If they looked very nervous, they were waiting for their test result. If they had a full plastic bag, they were probably arriving with their housecoat & slippers for egg transfer or retrieval. If it was a man sat alone, he could be waiting for his turn to go “make a sample.” If people had a toddler running round, they were ready for number two! At one point I thought Lou might chunder but she struggled through, and then she gave me the rest of her hot chocolate – win.

They finally called us back and Lou assumed the position on the table – she is such a pro now. Straight away the nurse found the yolk sac and the baby. She did the measurements and it measured 8 weeks – a day ahead. Then she showed us the heart beating – just a fluttering spot going ten to the dozen. She turned the doppler on and we could hear the heartbeat – strong and clear. I thought we might be emotional, but we were just overcome with joy. The first time you see your baby… it’s just surreal and magical. Like we were looking at someone else’s life, not our own! I won’t ever forget that. She printed us some photos (click to enlarge):

7 week 6 day scan - top view of baby & yolk

7 week 6 day scan – top view of baby & yolk


7 week 6 day scan – back view of baby. The brain is the black dot, the heart is the white blot in the middle.

The nurse kept wiggling the wand around trying to get different angles, and then said something like “I wonder what that is. Hold on I’ll go get the doctor.” Leaving us alone in the room. Lou looked at me with panic in her eyes, so I just reassured her as best I could. So far everything had looked perfect! But inside I was scared….

A minute later a senior nurse came in. She and the other nurse were pointing at the screen, wiggling the wand around, Lou squeezing my hand in nervousness/discomfort. Finally, senior nurse looks up and says “So we think there might be another one.” and turns the screen to point at a tiny spot flickering away. A second heart. Lou started laughed in relief, and… I don’t know what I thought, I was in shock! She said she couldn’t find a second yolk so wasn’t sure. They went to get the doctor, and when he came he did some more wand wiggling, and announced he saw a second yolk. He found both hearts again, and showed us and let us listen to both of them. Then he measured them – the first baby measured 8 weeks again (15.8mm), and the second baby measured 7 weeks 4 days (12.8mm). They were face to face wedged in the corner of the gestational sac, so that the closest baby had it’s back to us, and the second baby was behind.


7 week 6 day scan – Baby 1 (rotated angle)


7 week 6 day scan – Baby 2 front view – head on the left

So there you have it. Indisputable evidence. Two babies. One sac.


Holy crap you guys. I did not see that coming.


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2 Responses to The First (Official) Scan

  1. Eggs&Hope says:

    Lol! That’s amazing! Congrats! X

  2. marwil says:

    Oh wow! That is fantastic but must been quite a shock!! I wish you a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. Congratulations.

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