Cuddles for Nejlika

Lou has a new love in her life.

“You can’t hold me the same way,” she tells me. “You aren’t as soft or bendy.”

Every night and every morning, I am face-to-face with this white blob that now occupies the space where I used to rest my head.

I am living in exile on my own side of the bed. For this:


It is called Nejlika and we picked it up for £7 at Ikea a couple weeks ago. I encouraged Lou to buy it as a great little Pregnancy Present. It has been her constant companion ever since. Wherever you find Lou in the house, you will find her trusty v-shaped pillow, like an adult comfort blanket. With her new penchant for napping and early nights, she needs only to nuzzle her face into one of the soft microfibre arms, and she is out like a light.

She has suggested we go back and buy a couple more “in case something happens to it.”

This is only the beginning. She fully intends to sleep swathed in pillows for the rest of her pregnancy:


Or, quite possibly, for life. I think she’s in love!


About mamadeux

Just another lesbian trying to get pregnant!
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