When 2 become 1

So… we may have jumped the gun a bit. Or should I say, our clinic jumped the gun a bit. And told us – their fragile and impressionable fertility patients – that there were two babies in the belly.

When there is actually just ONE baby in the belly.

On Tuesday, we went for our EPU appointment to rescan after the bleed, at 9 weeks 4 days. It had originally been booked for middle of last week, but I pushed it to this week so we could have 8 / 10 / 12 week scans. The symmetry is pleasing.

The appointment was straightforward and quick. It started as an abdominal scan, and the nurse found one tiny baby rolling around in the sac, measuring on track at 27mm (1 inch). Movement has started since the last scan, and we could see tiny little legs and arms flailing around, and even a little hand waving at the wrist. Amazing. He/she looks properly human now, and will graduate from an embryo to a fetus by the end of the week.

9 week 4 day scan

9 week 4 day scan

Then Lou asked about a second baby & explained our last scan. The nurse couldn’t find anything but wanted to try a TVS scan to be sure. The scan by TVS is a lot sharper picture than abdominal, and it was apparent even to us that there were no other babies in there. She could see a prominent spot on the edge of the sac pulsing away, which was the umbilical cord. She put on the colour Doppler, which shows blood flow as colour images, and she connected the pulsing spot and cord back to the baby. So the second “heartbeat” was almost certainly the umbilical cord.

The ultrasound tech printed out the precious photos, and we met with the nurse who was happy and discharged us to antenatal care. Our next scan (which is our first official antenatal scan) is on April 12th, bang on 12 weeks.

There were mixed emotions after we left. I took the news pretty well, because I was sceptical after I kept looking at the scan pictures. The only thing that convinced me was  the second heartbeat. I had been talking about “the baby” instead of “babies”, which annoyed Lou to no end, and we both figured I was totally in denial. Lou on the other hand trusted the doctors, and was in the twin mindset. There were a few tears, but more out of worry that we might have lost one. But there was nothing at all to suggest that happened. This was just a case of mistaken identity.

The important thing is that we have a baby developing perfectly! And to be honest, we’re breathing a small sigh of relief. One’s plenty!!!



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2 Responses to When 2 become 1

  1. It looks so human!

    I have to say, I was a little relieved to find only one embryo in my uterus. Sea was all for twins, but I’m happy with one at a time!

  2. mamadeux says:

    I know – I can’t believe the difference since the last scan! I was hoping for just one, Lou sort of wanted twins. But after that little “scare” I think we are relieved to only have one baby (and one push chair, one high chair, one crib, etc etc etc!!!)

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