12 week scan

(written 18th April…. sorry for the massive delay! It continues to be uber busy, well slightly less so today hence my finally getting round to adding the photo to this post which is why it was saved in drafts for so long… actual update coming soon…)

Busy busy busy round here.

It is the week before the London Marathon, so I am furiously trying to raise £500 by Sunday. I am following my training plan to the letter, doing every training run to the exact distance. I am at an annual professional conference in Manchester for 3 days, doing my best to mingle and schmooze the people I hope will work with me on my PhD project. I am trying to stay on top of my work, coordinating various meetings and the requests of 20 different clinics’ Research & Development departments. The upside is that my PhD is finally moving, and in 4 days will be the culmination of 4 months of grueling training and preparation.

The downside is that I have practically abandoned my pregnant wife this week. She is still struggling on/off with tiredness, nausea, and headaches. The house is a shit tip, despite my best efforts. The necessities are done – cooking, dishes, feeding & medicating the dog, and taking out the rubbish & recycling. But the dirty clothes piles have now exceeded our two laundry bins and FOUR laundry baskets. The carpet needs a hoover, floor needs a mop, and house needs a good blitzing after the long winter. Very grateful that my mother in law is visiting this week!

But the real reason for this post is to commemorate the 12 week scan. A milestone as all expectant parents will know well. Making it to 12 weeks means you can breathe just a bit easier. You have permission to be excited about your new arrival – without adding all the customary caveats like “knock on wood” or “all being well” or “fingers crossed”. It is the deadline most people – quite sensibly – wait for before telling people. We waited to 12 weeks to tell most people, with a few exceptions – we leaked the news to a handful of family and friends at  5-6 weeks, and we happened to make a trip to Lou’s hometown at 11 weeks so told some family and home friends then. But I will write another post about telling people, because really all you want to see is some blurry black and white pictures! So for your viewing pleasure – our 12 week scan photos!

12 week scan

12 week scan

I rotated the picture because from this angle the baby disappears like one of those Magic Eye pictures and I literally see nothing but dots and blotchs:

scan 12 a

Perspective really is everything.

The appointment itself was a long and arduous exercise in accepting that we are no longer unique and treasured patients of a small, private clinic. Now we have joined the conveyor belt of women who have come for antenatal care from a central London NHS hospital, which is clearly struggling to cope with demand from the broody young Londoners who wish to crowd this already crowded city. Our appointment took 4 hours in total, of which waiting comprised 3 hours – we waited for an hour for our scheduled 9:30 appointment (how can you be 1 hour behind at 9:30am?). When we saw the lovely midwife, we answered lots of questions for about 20 minutes, and afterwards she sent upstairs to have the ultrasound. We got to see our baby then! It had doubled in size since the last scan, and was about 9cm long. But baby was in a funny position and the ultrasound tech couldn’t get the neck measurements for Down’s syndrome. So she sent Lou away to fill her bladder for 45 minutes. After a full water bottle and some early lunch, we came back and baby had moved enough to do the measurements. She took a few quick pics and sent us back down to antenatal clinic. We waited for another 20 minutes, and the midwife saw us briefly – then sent us to get bloods done. Unfortunately, the antenatal blood clinic had closed 10 minutes before, so we joined the queue at the hospital blood clinic. We took ticket number 69 (oooh!) when they were on number 29. Another hour of waiting.

Bloods ticket

At this point really wished I had brought a book as there was no internet reception in the hospital. Lou dozed off in the chair beside me (too much excitement I guess). I settled for reading through pregnancy leaflets. Finally, when we got to the front of the queue my needlephobic Lou panicked and hugged her cardigan around her face while the nurse ignored her and took her blood like a boss in about 20 seconds flat.

Next appointment is at 16 weeks. No scan or bloods so hope things run a bit more smoothly then…


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