14-18 weeks

It’s been a while since my last post, which updated to 12 weeks. A lot has happened, but nothing big enough to merit it’s own post. So…. bullet points!

  • Lou continued to have morning sickness until 15 weeks, which seemed unfair at the time because everyone tells you that you feel better in the 2nd trimester. The 2nd trimester starts somewhere between week 12 and 14, depending who you ask. So after 12 weeks, Lou would wake up each morning, hoping to feel wonderful and radiant. It was pretty demoralising for her then to feel a wave of nausea, no appetite, no energy. The morning sickness was limited to bad nausea, but at 13 weeks, after a particularly bad evening she was sick for the very first time in this pregnancy. She would have a couple good days, followed by a couple bad days where the MS would be worse than ever. It was a pretty low point, and I am only emphasizing it because 1. I want to paint a bleak picture and 2. the MS left the building just after 15 weeks and we are already starting to forget how crap it was!
  • That’s not to say Lou felt great ever since, but the nausea went away and her energy returned. It was just bad luck that in week 16 she got food poisoning! One morning, she bought a ready-made chicken sandwich from Sainsbury’s on her way into work. She tossed it in a drawer at her desk, and finally ate it about 6pm. She came home, and we both ate a chicken curry and went to bed. After 10 minutes, Lou shot up like a bolt in bed and RAN to the bathroom. I won’t recount the rest in detail, but suffice it to say, an hour later the house was finally silent and Lou was back in bed shivering and horrified. Lou took 2 days off work to recover and rehydrate. It goes to show, even though Lou was being really careful with what she ate and avoided all the foods that are banned in pregnancy, a few bites of festering processed chicken put paid to all her best intentions.
  • But fear not, the baby seems to be unphased by all this, and we feel this is just a character building experience for him/her. We had our 16 week appointment, and got to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler machine. We had a different midwife this time, who had a weak bedside manner but she was more than happy to do the Doppler when we asked at the end of the appointment since Lou was a bit worried after the chicken incident. Since 16 weeks Lou can feel the baby moving! Initially it felt like bubbles or maybe gas, and was so faint she almost thought she was imagining it. But it now happens more regularly, especially when she is driving. Of late, she can feel proper kicks, and sometimes when the baby moves a lot it feels like a tummy flip when you drive over a dip.
  • So Lou is feeling good right? Yes! Finally. But not before she came down with a head cold followed by a suspected tummy bug (more vomiting!) in week 17! She was off work most of the week again. I am aware by now she sounds like a hypochondriac, or a fragile sickie, but I assure you she is neither. She is made from sturdy Scottish stuff, and complaining and taking medicine/seeing medical advice is against her nature. She also hates sitting around doing nothing, so she was again brought quite low by so much illness. I think there’s a feeling that if you aren’t blissfully coasting through your first pregnancy, then you are doing it wrong. Especially in the 2nd trimester when everyone  says you should be “glowing.” But I know lots of women who are at different stages of pregnancy right now and can tell you – it is totally true that everyone has a different experience and different symptoms (more on those next!). I do wish Lou had an easier time, but we both realise it could be much worse and despite everything the baby seems to be fine and nothing truly scary has happened. Lou is doing a great job cooking us up this new little person!
  • As for pregnancy symptoms, Lou has a few strange ones to file. She has had two nosebleeds, both lasting about 20 minutes. The first one followed a sneeze, and the second started spontaneously in the middle of the night. She has a few new skin tags in her underarm. She had a couple skin tags in the past (which she cut off with nail clippers!!!!!). And the hairs under her belly button have gotten darker.
  • Now into week 18, and Lou is finally feeling great. We had a friends and her 2 kids visiting this past weekend for the bank holiday, and spent Sunday at the London zoo. It was a glorious spring day, and Lou was positively glowing. Her bump is finally starting to show through her t-shirt, which is lovely. It’s sitting low, and she hasn’t seemed to gain weight anywhere else so is still in her old clothes and using the hair tie trick. I am looking for Bump Bands to keep her in her clothes for as long as possible!
At the zoo at 18 weeks

At the zoo at 18 weeks

Lou is off camping this week in the Peak District with a load of teenagers. She has limited mobile reception, but managed to text me to say she was having lots of fun and feeling great, but her and another woman have booked into a B&B for the next 2 nights since last night was very cold. Pulling the pregnancy card with an excellent result!

Our 20 week appointment is coming up 7th June, the day before Lou’s birthday. We can’t wait to find out the sex! We are having our plasterers in to start on the nursery end of June. And I am starting to plan a 2nd trimester holiday somewhere beachy!

Time is going by quickly now!


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4 Responses to 14-18 weeks

  1. mumtolachlan says:

    If you’re wanting Lou to feel better about the MS get her to read my post ‘My Pregnancy’ I was violently sick with MS until 30 weeks 😦 I used to get sent to the sick bay at work to have a nap because I was too exhausted from all the vomiting to drive home safely…as far as I’m concerned pregnancy is a horrific awful terrible 9 months with the best possible feward at the end…..I’m looking forward to going through all that pregnancy hell again in a few years time :)’

    • mamadeux says:

      God that sounds awful. I will go read your post now! I feel bad moaning about her nausea. But it did get her down, how did you cope? And hey – your next pregnancy might be totally drama free – fingers crossed! xx

      • mumtolachlan says:

        I used to nap and eat my way though the day and always had a little bottle of mouthwash in my handbag so I at least didn’t have stinky breathe 🙂

      • mumtolachlan says:

        And don’t feel bad about moaning – it’s in the past for me and wouldn’t change it in a heartbeat….it means my little squirt was still in there growing 🙂

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