18-22 weeks and 20 week scan

The past 4 weeks have flown by! Lou is feeling great, and we are both very busy at work and starting to get ready for our little buddy to arrive!

We had our 20 week scan on 7th June. It was just a quick visit for the ultrasound only, as our 20 week appointment is with the doctor. I think I mentioned it in the last post, but because we did IVF we are “high-risk” and therefore our care is doctor-led rather than midwife-led. The doctors only work Tuesday so we had to wait until then to be seen.

The scan went very well. Our technician was very friendly and communicative. He managed to make all the measurements without any problem and all were right on target. The only thing that took a while was visualising the fingers of the right hand. But after Lou did a bit of a wiggle, and he jiggled her belly a bit, baby turned slightly and stretched out their hand. It was incredible to see our baby, which only a few weeks ago was the size of a poppy seed, and then a lentil which we compared to a mole on Lou’s belly, and now looks like an actual baby.

20 week scan

We had agreed from the very start of the pregnancy that we would find out the sex. Back in the day when having a baby was discussed theoretically, we had agreed that we would like a surprise. But that all changed when we got pregnant, and the anticipation was too much for either of us. We wanted to focus our thoughts about a name, buy some gender-specific clothes, decorate the nursery. I mean, it was too stressful NOT to know and we have the technology so why not! Besides all that, I knew it was a girl. I just knew it in my heart, even though we joked that I am not psychic so if it was a boy, we had better find out now than on the day so I could get over the shock.

As it turns out, I was right all along 🙂


We are 99.9% sure, or at least the technician is sure. We had a good view of the crotch region, and he could tell straight away. I learned that they don’t just look for a dangly bit or no dangly bit. There are actually three white lines that show up in the ultrasound if it is a girl. When he pointed them out, they were bright and clear.

We are both very excited, and I am not surprised at all. I can carry on with my original thinking and planning. Lou was a little surprised but she could not be more pleased. I think as 2 first time mummies, it will easier for us to start with all the bits that we are already familiar with! This suspicion was confirmed when Lou was FaceTiming with our 3 year old nephew, and out of nowhere our he dropped his trousers and stood up and started tugging and playing with his willy. He thought it was hilarious!

After the scan, we decided to “go public” – which means announcing it on facebook! We put up a little collage of Lou’s belly, me holding the scan photo, and a selfie of us both. All taken at the cafe right after the scan. We got so much congratulatiosn and words of support, it was really quite moving. I think the photo got 152 likes – which is about a third of my friends. Amazing and so good to know Baby Girl is already so loved and supported.

We have been so crap at taking belly shots, but managed one at 21 weeks.

21 weeks

Lou still has quite a “neat” bump, but this was taken 3 weeks ago now and already she is looking significantly bigger.

In life, I have been in one of my busiest ever periods at work. The project I am doing for my PhD is getting ready to launch in September so I have been running around like a headless chicken making sure everything is ready for that, including doing 2-3 site visits around the UK each week, developing the questionnaire, setting up the questionnaire online, getting local R&D approval from all 24 sites, making promo materials, recruiting for and arranging focus groups and interviews… It has been mental. But the idea is that I will have done all the hard work by the time baby comes, and it will just be matter of management and trouble-shooting.

Lou has had good news from her job as well. She had to tell them straight away when she became pregnant, and within a few weeks she was unceremoniously internally transferred from her currently roll that she enjoys and challenges her, to a data pushing job in a room without windows. Because she was pregnant. She made all the right noises, but unfortunately her profession is still very much a man’s world. It took her old boss to pull a few strings to get her back on her old team, around the 20 week scan time. So she is busy and enjoying her job. She is feeling great, very energetic. Hungry more often than not but trying to eat frequent snacks around her meals to keep the blood sugar up.

We are now able to feel baby kicking. Lou could feel flutters from week 15, which have just gotten stronger and now most evenings I can feel Baby Girl kicking or punching away. We borrowed a Doppler from a friend, and every week or so we have checked in to make sure she’s still there – as if Lou needed a reminder.

That’s all for now! Viability Day (or V-day) is in 2 days time. Yet another milestone we will be relieved to reach safely.  x


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