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The One Where The Non-Birth Mother Got the Baby Blues

In the weeks before Baby A was born, I was mentally preparing for the possibility that Lou might get the baby blues, or worse post-partum depression (PPD). Her sister and her mum both have histories of PPD (one diagnosed and … Continue reading

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Immunisations – 9 weeks + 1 day

Yesterday Baby A had her first GP appointment and got her first round of immunisations. We got to the appointment an hour early, which was my fault. And in the precision timed world of newborns, we had fed her an … Continue reading

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The first 2 weeks (or How Breastfeeding Didn’t Work For Us)

I started writing this post when Baby A was 2.5 weeks old, and saved it as a draft in case I forgot anything and I could amend it later when I felt more awake. Well, Baby A was 2 months … Continue reading

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