Immunisations – 9 weeks + 1 day

Yesterday Baby A had her first GP appointment and got her first round of immunisations. We got to the appointment an hour early, which was my fault. And in the precision timed world of newborns, we had fed her an hour before we left, let her play, then planned for her to sleep in the pram, meaning she was due another feed during the appointment. We also stupidly forgot to bring any bottles with us. So no surprise when she woke up in a cafe and was a little hungry, she got a bit fussy. We managed to keep her chilled until her doctor appointment, where she passed all her checks with flying colours. She weighed 12 pounds (5.44 kg), was 57 cm long, and head circumferences of 49.5 cm. Baby has a big head.

Then was the nurse appt and her injections. I had to hold A, which as a public health professional I happily did – telling her “Look at all these diseases you aren’t going to get!” while Lou was so nervous she had to stand on the other side of the room looking out the window. The nurse gave the injections quickly and deftly, but A got pretty pissed off about it. Especially the 2nd one, that needle was pretty thick. She cried for a few minutes then fell fast asleep. When we got home we gave her some Calpol (Baby Tylenol), and she slept most of the rest of the day, and – like a New Year Miracle – she went 6 HOURS between feeds last night (8pm – 2am!). Aside from being a bit sleepy, she hasn’t had a fever and the injection site looks fine. My only complaint is that they taped cotton wool to her legs using that white hospital tape, and ripping it off was like giving her another bloody injection! Poor little poppet.

But for the record, it’s ALL WORTH IT. Get your children vaccinated, people! If not for your baby, then for everyone else’s babies. (Insert lesson on herd immunity here. Or Google it if you wish, but it is a thing.) ALL routine infant immunisations are proven safe, even for babies who might have allergies. Side effects are minor. Any severe reactions will be immediate and handled by your doctor, and are extremely rare.

All babies should receive their immunisations as recommended.



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2 Responses to Immunisations – 9 weeks + 1 day

  1. DeCaf says:

    I think that people who opt not to vaccinate their children should have to read old patient records of very young children who caught the diseases before vaccines so they can learn what those diseases actually do. These days the people who are becoming parents have grown up without those diseases impacting their lives or anyone they care about for the most part.

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