Myself: a 30-something American living England since 2005, having followed my now-wife for the relationship and an adventure. I am a civil servant working in public health and doing my PhD part-time.  I enjoy gardening, Diet Coke, running, camping, travelling, cooking, watching trashy TV, and my job.

Lou: My wife, a 30-something British woman whose parents hail from Scotland. Lou works in law enforcement, and is 6 feet tall. She is the youngest of three girls: her parents live by the seaside, one sister in the states, and the other in her home town. She enjoys swimming, being by the seaside, eating out, music, and sleeping.

B-dog: our fur-baby. She enjoys chasing squirrels, chewing bones, visitors (any), going on walks, and most of all, her tennis ball.

We have been together since June 2004, having met working at a camp in America, and have been “civil partnered” since July 2011 — this will become “married” as soon as legally possible!

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to About

  1. pepibebe says:

    Hi there, I just discovered your blog tonight as I saw a comment of yours on another blog I follow. Congrats on the surprise twins!
    I’m blogging about our TTC journey. My wife ad I met in June 08 as well and got married (had a civil union) in Feb 12. I’m from New Zealand (where we live) and she’s from the Caribbean.
    I look forward to following your story.

  2. lesbimom says:

    And I have now found your blog as well, and dude, weirdly similar life stories…well, the being an american lesbian in england bit, as well as the having come over here for my british now wife…we are now in the very early stages of TTC – we’ve had our GP referral and are now waiting for our first fertility appointment.

    Going back to read all the back entries now…

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