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Immunisations – 9 weeks + 1 day

Yesterday Baby A had her first GP appointment and got her first round of immunisations. We got to the appointment an hour early, which was my fault. And in the precision timed world of newborns, we had fed her an … Continue reading

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The first 2 weeks (or How Breastfeeding Didn’t Work For Us)

I started writing this post when Baby A was 2.5 weeks old, and saved it as a draft in case I forgot anything and I could amend it later when I felt more awake. Well, Baby A was 2 months … Continue reading

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18-22 weeks and 20 week scan

The past 4 weeks have flown by! Lou is feeling great, and we are both very busy at work and starting to get ready for our little buddy to arrive! We had our 20 week scan on 7th June. It … Continue reading

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Historic Day!

In one fell swoop – Down goes DOMA! My marriage and my future children’s United States citizenship through our marriage will forever more be recognised at the federal level. I can sponsor Nicola to live in America, or our children … Continue reading

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When 2 become 1

So… we may have jumped the gun a bit. Or should I say, our clinic jumped the gun a bit. And told us – their fragile and impressionable fertility patients – that there were two babies in the belly. When … Continue reading

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Week 4… 5… 6…

The day after our positive test on the 15th, Lou’s symptoms almost completely disappeared.┬áBefore, she had painful period type cramps, lots of bloating, and sore boobs. Afterwards, she felt “a bit tired” and had the odd twinge/cramp in her abdomen. … Continue reading

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TTC Update

It’s March – how did that happen? I just had my 31st birthday, and celebrated by running a half marathon. It went really well – I smashed my goal time of under 2:20 with 2:08.31, and a friend started a … Continue reading

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