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18-22 weeks and 20 week scan

The past 4 weeks have flown by! Lou is feeling great, and we are both very busy at work and starting to get ready for our little buddy to arrive! We had our 20 week scan on 7th June. It … Continue reading

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I’m going to be a Dad! & other bits

Random stuff this post, so I’ll bullet point: Since the scan last week we told: three of my work colleagues who were super surprised and lost their various bets as to who was next to be pregnant in the team … Continue reading

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The First (Official) Scan

Today was scan day! I was so nervous last night I couldn’t get to sleep until 2am. I am not sure why, because actually I felt really positive because of all the symptoms Lou has. Maybe it’s associative fear from … Continue reading

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Week 7: A story of nausea, hunger, and exhaustion

I won’t be the first or last to say it, but morning sickness is really inaccurately named. Morning, afternoon, evening… whatever. But the sickness part is pretty spot on. Lou has had nausea every day since about 6.5 weeks. Some … Continue reading

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NHS comes through…

To our surprise, our local NHS hospital contacted Lou yesterday asking what hospital we would like to use for our fertility treatment! We hadn’t chased our original referral since last June, and figured they forgot about us. But I guess … Continue reading

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Week 4… 5… 6…

The day after our positive test on the 15th, Lou’s symptoms almost completely disappeared.┬áBefore, she had painful period type cramps, lots of bloating, and sore boobs. Afterwards, she felt “a bit tired” and had the odd twinge/cramp in her abdomen. … Continue reading

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TTC Update

It’s March – how did that happen? I just had my 31st birthday, and celebrated by running a half marathon. It went really well – I smashed my goal time of under 2:20 with 2:08.31, and a friend started a … Continue reading

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